Affordable Sleep Consultant Packages

Baby sleep & toddler sleep support is available to book online

My golden rule is simple; every baby is different and what works for one baby may not work for another. As your certified Sleep Consultant, I offer you support and a guidance throughout our time together without any judgement.

I do not use the crying it out method nor any variation of this method within my approach. I will clear away the confusion to provide you and your family with more settled days and nights moving forward.

Take a look at my services below and see how we can work together to achieve settled days and nights for your family.

1:1 Sleep Support Call and sleep guide 

0 - 18 months

£59 - Perfect for a self led sleep plan using my sleep guide with the additional support of a 30 minute phone call with a baby sleep expert to answer your specific questions 

  1. Sleep Guide 

  2. 30 Minute Telephone Call 

  3.  This package does not include any follow ups 

surprised baby

Whatsapp Support Package 

£125 - Perfect for routine tweaks, sleep battles, individual issues or sleep reassurance to make sure you're on the right track. 

  1. Sleep Questionnaire 

  2. 30 minute call time 

  3. A new routine for you to follow based upon baby’s age and topics we discuss during your call (this PDF is usually 1 - 2 pages long) 

  4. 5 consecutive days of whatsapp support 

Sleep Success Plan

£150 - Perfect for parents wanting to tackle multiple sleep challenges. Ages 6 months - 6 years old. 

  1. Sleep Questionnaire 

  2. 30 minutes call time 

  3. Bespoke sleep action plan for you to follow for two / three weeks 

  4. 2 Support emails throughout your plan 

Baby Boy
Sleeping Baby

Sleep Success Support

£199 - Perfect for multiple issues and additional support 

  1. Sleep Questionnaire 

  2. Includes 45 minutes call time  

  3. Bespoke sleep plan for you to follow for two / three weeks 

  4. Daily email support 

Sleep Success Whatsapp

£300 - Perfect for parents needing full support throughout their plan 

  1. Sleep Questionnaire 

  2. Includes 60 minute call time, (can be used in one go or split over multiple calls

  3. Bespoke sleep plan for you to follow for two / three weeks 

  4. Two weeks of Whatsapp support 

Baby Boy

* Top up 30 minute calls can be purchased for £35
** Top up whatsapp days can be purchased for £15 per day
*** Whatsapp messaging is available Monday to Saturday 9am - 9pm