Signs your baby is ready for sleep or overtired

In a world where we are inundated with methods upon methods to help our baby sleep better, one of the key factors contributing to lack of healthy sleep is missing sleep cues.

Showing sleep cues is your baby's form of communication to let you know they're ready to enter the land of sleepy time.

Every baby is different so there isn't an app on this planet that can let you know when your baby is showing their own individual sleep cues.

As parents, we can be so distracted by 'wake windows' we can miss individual signs that result in the perfect nap or bedtime win.

I have compiled a list of the most common signs your baby will show you when they are tired and ready to sleep:

Signs you baby is tired and ready to sleep:

  1. Pulling ears

  2. Yawning

  3. Rubbing eyes

  4. Lack of interest

  5. Slower movements

  6. Difficulty to focus

  7. Fluttering eyelids

  8. Sucking thumb or dummy

  9. Unsettled