Every baby is different!

Your baby is unique, from sleeping patterns to personality your baby is different to every other baby in this world. It is natural human behaviour to compare against those we know or those we watch on social media.

As parents we tend to put an awful amount of pressure on ourselves by thinking our baby is behind based on the development of another baby.

Food for thought:

One baby may naturally drop nights feeds and sleep through the night at 5 months while another baby still needs one night feed at 8 months.

One baby can walk at 11 months while another baby starts walking at 14 months.

One baby eats everything on his plate at 11 months while another baby still throws finger food on the floor at 13 months.

One baby adapts to their new sleeping environment within a day while another needs 2 weeks.

Regardless of the milestone; sleeping, eating, walking, crawling, talking etc. It is important not to compare our babies to others or feel like we're doing something wrong as parents. Parenting is hard enough without adding more pressure.

Remember, every baby is different! Your baby will move at their own pace with their very unique personality leading the way.

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