Sleep Support Guides

Baby & toddler sleep support for your family

Baby & toddler sleep guides are here to help your family sleep better without any form of crying it out or controlled crying. 

I am on a mission to make baby & toddler sleep help affordable and practical for parents. Within my guide you will be able to navigate the ever changing baby sleep journey.

Inside each guide you'll find topics covered such as:

  • How do babies sleep 

  • How to build the foundations of sleep

  • How to build a routine

  • How to settle your baby  

  • Tools to improve sleep 

  • How to navigate sleep obstacles 

  • How to build a baby sleep action plan using my 5 step method 

  • How to improve your current sleep situation 

  • How to deal with multiple night wakings 

  • How to guide your baby through nap transitions 

  • How much sleep does your baby need 

  • How many naps each day 

  • How to build a bedtime routine 

  • How to cope with sleep deprivation 

And so much more....

Your PDF will also include video content alongside a sleep diary which you can print at home to track your baby sleep.

In addition, once you have purchased this guide you will be able to join my gentle sleep support Facebook group to receive peer-to-peer support plus I will be able to provide additional support via lives and group Q&A's. 

Once you purchase a guide from my website you will automatically receive your sleep guide via email to download instantly. 

You can also choose to purchase a baby sleep guide or a toddler sleep guide alongside a one to one 30 minute call with a sleep expert. This call can be used as soon as you purchase your guide or you may want to follow the guide initially and use the 30 minutes later on. The choice is yours.