Gentle sleep coach

Guiding and supporting you to improve your child's sleeping habits without crying it out or controlled crying!


About Me

Parent led sleep solutions


Hello, my name is Jade and I help sleep deprived parents worldwide. 

I'm a certified Infant Sleep Consultant, Mother and advocate for gentle sleep changes without the use of crying it out or controlled crying. 

My mission is to make sleep help affordable to all as everyone deserves a settled night sleep. I believe in responsive parenting to find your little one's perfect individual routine. Every baby is different and every sleep situation is different. 

There is no judgement on my part, I am not here to tell you how to parent or judge your parenting choices; your baby, your business. I understand first hand how tough and soul destroying sleep deprivation is so rest assured you are not 'failing' as a parent for seeking help. 

I am passionate about normalising infant sleep while also sharing knowledge & experience to help your family get the rest you deserve.